Shipping charges and deadlines

- The delivery fee (under purchase for 20 000 HUF) is charged to the customer, which amount varies depending on the size and weight of the product and the method of receipt (package point or home delivery).

- Home delivery fee throughout Hungary: HUF 1421

- Package point acceptance fee: Hungary: 515 HUF Slovakia: 1000 HUF Czech Republic: 1100 HUF Poland: 900 HUF Romania: 900 HUF

- The service is available in the following European countries too: Slovakia, Check Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark,Italy.In case of delivery abroad, the delivery fees are higher, you can check the fees during payment process, at the Delivery and Payment section!

- Delivery time is 3-7 business days (Monday-Friday) depending on the product ordered, capacity and delivery time. Every order arrives until Christmas!

- In all cases, please wait for our colleagues' feedback on the status of the order and its completion before you go for the product.

- Prices shown are gross prices, including 27% VAT.

Delivery through the system

- Delivery takes place on working days between 8 am and 4 pm, your completed orders will be delivered to your home by the authorized courier company.

- The service is available throughout the country and in the countries listed above. Please sign the receipt only if you have checked your package, as we are unfortunately unable to accept complaints about defects after receipt.

Other shipping information

- If our deliverer is unable to deliver the package, he / she will leave a notice at the customer's address. You can then inquire about your shipment at the phone number indicated in the notification. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier service will try to deliver the package again on the next working day.


- Our prices include the cost of packaging.