General terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are available from The Art Bridge Kft. (1016 Budapest, Csap utca 5., tax number: 26198020-1-41, company registration number: 01-09-307314, e-mail address: ), hereinafter between the Service Provider and the consumer using the electronic commerce services and the Customer who does not qualify as a consumer (hereinafter the Service Provider and the Consumer, the Customer together as Parties) on the website operated by The Art Bridge Kft. ) and the contracts concluded between the Parties in the manner specified in Government Decree 45/2014, the rights and obligations arising therefrom, as well as the provisions of the Civil Code. (Act V of 2013) Sections 6:58 - 6:77 apply.

In the Service Provider's web store, the Consumer can validly place his order by accepting these GTC. An automated system message operated by the webshop does not qualify as an order confirmation. Our company excludes its liability: - in the event of any error in the Internet network which prevents web operation and purchase, - for the content of data and messages sent on the Internet not from our company, - for any error caused by a program error, technical error or force majeure in our system, - for incorrect spellings or incorrect data on our website.

    The Service Provider shall not be liable for any erroneous delivery that can be traced back to the data provided incorrectly by the Consumer / Customer, as well as for any delay in the execution of orders. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the Customer forgetting his / her password or to any unauthorized person. 1.1. The order received by the Service Provider and its confirmation is made in Hungarian. The contract is concluded in Hungarian. The Contract is not concluded with the order made by the Consumer and with the automatic electronic system message (e-mail, sms) confirming the order sent in response to it. The contract does not constitute a written contract, the contract will not be registered and will not be accessible subsequently.

    2. Information

    • Shipping charges and deadlines 
    • Product receipt, delivery - Delivery with 
    • Other transport information 
    • Packing Shipping charges and deadlines 

    - The delivery fee is charged to the customer, the amount of which varies depending on the size and weight of the product and the method of receipt (package point or home delivery). 

    - Delivery time is 3-10 working days depending on the ordered product, capacity and delivery time. (from Monday to Friday).

    - In all cases, please wait for the feedback of our colleagues on the status or completion of the order before you start receiving the product! - The service is available throughout the country, and in several european countries too. For more information please go to Shipping Policy on - Prices shown are gross prices, including 27% VAT. Delivery through the system - Delivery takes place on working days between 8 am and 4 pm, your completed orders will be delivered to your home by the authorized courier company. The service is available throughout the country. - Please sign the receipt only if you have checked your package, as we are unfortunately unable to accept complaints about defects after receipt.

    Other shipping information 

    If our deliverer is unable to deliver the package, he / she will leave a notice at the customer's address. You can then inquire about your shipment at the phone number indicated in the notification. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier service will act in accordance with its own regulations when re-delivering the shipment. 


    Our prices include the cost of packaging. 

    3. Payment method 

    As a payment option, online credit card payment is available with the Simple and secure online payment solution provided by OTP.

    The payment process is the same as the procedure offered by similar services of banks: during online payment, the customer goes to OTP SimplePay by entering the bank card details to purchase the product or service. The bank guarantees the security of the user's cardholder as described in its own regulations. The order submission can only be considered final with the successful bank acceptance of the online credit card payment transaction.

    4. Order 

    The order is placed on the website, by the following purchase steps: 

    4. 1. Click on the “Add to Cart” button on one of the product pages on the page 

    4. 2. Click Next to Checkout to see a summary of the cart. 

    4. 3. Contents of your cart, order quantity 

    On this page you can see the products placed in the basket and the order data: the size of the ordered picture, the size of the ordered frame, the unit price, resp. the quantity ordered. Here you can set how much of each image you want to order. If you would like to continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" button. This will return you to the webshop pages and allow you to continue your selection. By clicking on the “Go to Payment” button on the Login page, you must choose whether to purchase as a guest or log in.

    Enter a shipping address 

    After completing the order, you have the opportunity to provide your contact information, delivery or your billing address, as well as how you want to receive your photos (courier service or personal collection). You can indicate your special request in the "Other comments" section. 

    Order Summary

    By clicking on the "Go to Payment" button, you can see another summary of your order, now supplemented with your personal data. If you find everything is fine, select the "Order" button. Our system will send you an e-mail confirmation that your order has been accepted. 

    The system will redirect you to the OTP Bank SimplePay online payments page by clicking the “Order” button. You will receive a confirmation of your payment and order via email. At this point, the order becomes accepted.

    We guarantee the quality of the printed products. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your completed images, please let our staff know and we will reprint them. The printing lab: Our goal is to satisfy your needs and expectations at the highest possible level, so we work with the most modern machines and techniques in our printing house to really get what you want from us.

    5. Warranty and Disclaimer 

    Our service is provided in accordance with Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code 6: 159. § is subject to the warranty obligation. This contract is covered by the contractual warranty, the Civil Code. 6: 171st §, which warranty obligation is excluded by the parties. In accordance with the above, we do not guarantee our service. cancellation If the customer orders, pays, but does not take over and returns the product, or if the customer orders, pays, takes over but does not like and returns the product undamaged, Art Bridge Kft. Will refund the full price of the product within 14 days of receipt. 

    6. The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are accepted by the Parties.